John Kalb


John has studied pottery full-time in Dunedin in New Zealand. John has worked for 9 years part of the year in Sweden and part of the time in New Zealand.

Working as a full-time potter since 1980 and has a workshop in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Also sells at art and craft markets and to shops and galleries.

Has been teaching pottery part-time for 20 years in Australia, Sweden and New Zealand.

With the help of water and fire the clay is transformed from a soft to a hard form. This process still fascinates me. It is a challenge to retain the natural qualities of the clay and to have a harmonious blend with the glazes that is both pleasing to the eye and functional.



All my pottery is made from clay that I obtain from Southland. I blend 3 clays in my workshop to produce stoneware pottery that is fired in either gas or wood fired kilns. 

All the pots are food safe and can be used in microwave and conventional ovens and dish washers.